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Gen Z: New talent, new rules

About Gen Z Lab

Shape your young talent recruitment strategy based on the insights and trends revealed from Europe’s largest Gen Z Career Barometer study.

Discover the groundbreaking survey conducted by JobTeaser that offers unparalleled insights into the expectations, realities, and challenges of Gen Z across Europe, accompanied by actionable advice and guidance on effectively reaching, relating to, and recruiting this new generation across Europe. 

Drawing from a diverse range of graduates and students across Western to Eastern Europe, Nordics, UK, and Ireland, this barometer is essential for shaping young talent recruitment strategies. 

Join the conversation, and together, let's pave the way for a brighter future.

Launched in 2023, The Gen Z Lab brings together our resources related to trends unique to Generation Z in its relationship with work. Our ambition: to demystify the myths surrounding this youth, to study their practices and better understand their aspirations. All this with a key challenge: to bring people together. Studies, testimonials, opinion pieces, analyses, forecasts: find here all our resources related to those who will shape the world of work tomorrow, thanks to the experts at JobTeaser.

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of Gen Z individuals are opting for 
non-permanent contracts

of Gen Z workers are considering leaving their current company within the next year

of Gen Z pays primary attention to salary

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Gen Z : 

New talent, new rules

Gen Z : New talent, new rules

Career Barometer 2023/24

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"JobTeaser, the leader in recruiting and guiding young talents in Europe, is present in 25 countries and has 400 employees in France and internationally. Established in 2008, the company aims to assist young individuals in navigating the challenging transition from the academic world to the professional world. As a platform for internships, apprenticeships, and entry-level jobs search, the solution enables 5 million students and young graduates to find their path. With its presence in 750 schools and universities across Europe, JobTeaser strives to integrate the younger generation into the workforce with the help of over 250,000 active recruiters."